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I was inspired to create Man’s Best Friend™ Organic Pet Products by my own best friend, my dog Nova. Always by my side, she added so much companionship and joy to my life. I continue to honor my special relationship with Nova through my organic pet products. 

I was also motivated by my desire to create all-natural and organic products for both my own and others’ pets—with their optimal health and comfort foremost in mind. 

Therefore, all Man’s Best Friend™ Organic Pet Products are sulfate-and-paraben free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and have no artificial fragrances or colors. They are as good for pet parents as they are for their pets. And they are packaged in BPA-free containers, so they're good for the environment, too!

In my first phase of product development, I introduced three products: Fido BalmPaw + Nose Wax™, and Pup Suds, my organic shampoo in two varieties—for puppies and dogs.

  • Fido Balm™ moisturizes, conditions, and protects dogs’ skin from abrasions, chafing, and itching. An ultra healing ointment, its consistency makes application quick and easy! 
  • Fido Balm™ To Go is a stick form of Fido Balm. Perfect for pocket or purse, it's always ready to go when you are!
  • Paw + Nose Wax™ is a more concentrated balm for particularly rough paws, chafed noses, and dry brittle nails. It protects dogs' paws from extremes of heat and cold (even snow!) and from the grind of rough surfaces.
  • Paw + Nose Wax™ To Go is a stick form of Paw + Nose Wax™, a travel-size protectant for your dog's paws and nose. Handy on a moment's notice, it keeps your dog's four shock absorbers and sniffer in great condition during all your outdoor adventures!   
  • Pup Suds is a gentle and effective organic shampoo. The infusion of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils moisturizes and soothes dogs’ skin and leaves their fur shiny and healthy. Pup Suds is available in two varieties: a lavender blend perfect for puppies (or older dogs with sensitive skin), and a woodsy citrus blend ideal for full-grown dogs. 

The feedback I’ve received has been amazing—from dog groomers, boarders, and their pet- parent clients. And I continue to hear “bonus” comments about how good my products work on the hands and skin of those who care for dogs.

I proudly donate my products to the Front Street Animal Shelter and other rescue organizations to help them care for animals awaiting new homes. In this way, I continue to honor Nova, who was a rescue dog herself.

— Jon Carlisle, Owner

 Jon with his Best Friend Nova




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