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Our satisfied customers give us the finest recommendations for our MBF™ Products!


I have been purchasing MBF products for a few months now. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the products. The great thing about Man’s Best Friend™ products is that they are natural and made locally. They stand behind their products and are always willing to answer customer questions. We here at Splash Hound USA have been happy with Man’s Best Friend™ and are proud to carry their products.

Splash Hound USA — Sacramento, CA


 Paw + Nose Wax™

I have a Bassett Hound who enjoys digging with his nose. He had injured his nose, and as luck would have it, Man’s Best Friend[Product Developer], came into my hot dog shop and offered me one of his products, Paw + Nose Wax™. It has worked well in protecting and healing his wound. Highly recommend!

—Steve B., Owner

Famous Vinnies Hot Dogs  — 1708 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA 


Fido Balm™

I wanted to thank you so very much for your wonderful product. My dog Samantha suffers from sensitive skin and will lose her fur from time to time. Although it's mentally painful for me to watch, it's physically painful for her to go through at times. When I first applied Fido Balm, it seemed to soothe her right I rubbed it on her stomach and back. Within the first week, I started seeing her fur grow back. I was amazed! I've never used a product that has worked as well as Fido Balm™. I can't thank you enough. 

—Jessica and Samantha  (Jessica's Best Friend Samantha pictured below.)



Pup Suds Shampoo, Lavender

Thanks Man's Best Friend™! I love this shampoo! I owned and operated a dog boarding facility for over twenty years. I've bathed thousands of dogs and tried numerous brands of shampoo. This stuff works great! I've been using the Lavender Pup Suds for several months on my fourteen-year-old dog who, with age, has developed skin issues. This shampoo soothes and calms her irritated skin. She's clearly more comfortable and sleeps well through the night. I'm also sleeping better now that it doesn't sound like there's a chipmunk in my room chewing on herself all night!

─Rebecca T., former owner of Elite Dogs, West Sacramento, CA       

                                                                                                paw.jpgFido Balm™

I’m writing to thank you for your product, Fido Balm™. About three summers ago, we adopted a Basset Hound and named her Andele! That summer, Andele developed a sore between her toes and would not stop licking her paw. We took her to the vet who had us soak her paw in Epsom salt water for 5 minutes several times a day, then apply Cortizone cream on it. Soaking her foot was no easy task since it was very unpleasant for her, and she did not like it. Eventually, after more than a week, the sore went away. But the following summer, we went through the same routine all over again.

This summer (2016), the same thing also occurred. However, this time, I had been introduced to Fido Balm. I applied Fido Balm to the sore on her paw and within two days, it was significantly better--without having to soak her foot at all! Within five days, it was totally gone. And no vet bill!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful product, Fido Balm™.

─Charlotte T. I., Rio Linda, CA


Fido Balm™ To Go

Bailey, my Chihuahua, had a sore and a hot spot. We decided to use Fido Balm™ To Go from Man’s Best Friend products, and it worked wonders! The scab was gone it two days, and the hot spot is gone, too! I love this product so much. It’s all organic, which is wonderful, because if my dog licks it, no problem! I don’t have to worry about it. It’s so organic, from all natural ingredients, that I wouldn’t mind using a new one :-) on my lips!

 ─Adriana V., Sacramento, CA


I’ve been using the Fido Balm™ for a few months. My 9-year-old Golden mix has a very dry nose, but not since using Fido Balm! It works on my chapped lips too! 

─Carly Duttain, Sacramento, CA


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